I Want to Hear From YOU!

1-1232472552P4L3Hello my dearest readers!

My posts here have been sporadic as of late, but that isn’t because I don’t love you. The thing is… I’ve been struggling to come up with compelling things to write about. I think my introverted reading phase is almost over, and I’m looking to get back into the swing of things here, but I need your help. I’d love it if you could give me some topics you’d be interested in hearing about. I have a few things lined up for the next few weeks but I’d love a jumping off point, if you know what I mean.

Got any topics for a writer’s blocked blogger?



10 thoughts on “I Want to Hear From YOU!”

  1. Hmmmmm, when I subscribed, I was (am) looking for general info loosely related to health and fitness.

    Some things I would enjoy reading:
    * Recipes. Entrees, snacks, creative stuff.
    * How to… in the kitchen, food choices, shopping tips, gadgetry, etc.
    * Workout successes and failures. Strength, cardio, what works, your experiences, etc.
    * Your stories, like…
    –* How you got, and kept, the mindset to be healthy,
    –* Experiences with family and/or friends who were or weren’t helpful
    –* Debunking various conflicting research, extremist diets, fads, etc.
    –* Stories of your experiences, anecdotes, etc.

    All of these with your personal “bent,” or perspective, versus readily available facts, figures, etc.

    That sort of stuff what you’re looking for??


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    1. I thought I was sort of doing most of that stuff already? I have been attempting to write about Whole 30 vs Paleo but I’m just getting enraged by the lack of scientific research being linked to any of these claims as to why peanuts are sooooo bad for everyone lol


  2. I miss hearing about how you continue to eat healthy but while on a budget. I found that interesting.

    I also like hearing about your menus. I think you may post that on your Spark page but since I don’t normally visit there would like to see more of the menus here because you really eat some yummy stuff. And maybe some of those recipes. How did you make it in under 500 calories.

    I am often curious about what you eat these days to stay within those macros. We see some of the dinners but what does an average day look like for you. Do you adjust based on the workouts or not?

    Also do you have any tips for portion control? How do you do it? Do you prepackage stuff for grabbing or eating so you eat the right amount. That kind of thing.

    If I think of more I will let you know.


    1. thanks very much for the comment! I will definitely work on a blog about how I plan my daily food intake for macronutrients. I’m certainly not perfect with it but I do aim to stay within certain guidelines. Portion control is a great one, too!


  3. I miss your weekly menu boards!
    I’d like to see you take one dinner item per week and give us the recipe (pretty please!).
    I’d like for you to explain to the rest of us how to weigh food, and why that’s better (if it is) than measuring.
    Where do you do your vegetable shopping??
    Any new “hacks” that have made cooking easier for you?


    1. thanks for the ideas! I hope you’ve noticed I’ve already started back with the weekly menus. I’m not sure an original recipe per week is feasible for me due to time constraints but I will try to post more. 🙂


  4. So much what Kevin said! YES! How do you stay motivated to keep going! Workout wise, what have you tried that just sucked? Show us a menu of what you eat in a typical day. Yes, even the spoonful of peanut butter before bed, LOL! -Maybe it’s just me that does that…… Where’s a great place to get workout clothes that doesn’t break the bank? Thrifting ideas! Recipes! When you are having a “down” day, write about what that’s like since we are all human and I experience these depressive days too. How do you keep getting up and going when everything sucks? Big hugs, SD!


  5. Kevin had some great ideas in his post. I’d love to see more kettlebell stuff, and if you haven’t talked about it yet, how you got started with kettlebells. Recipes are always good, but I love your frugal living posts too.


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