Review: July Love With Food Box – A Tasty Farewell

I’ve said before that I don’t understand how Love with Food chooses it’s themes, and this month’s theme is no exception. Love is Adventure is a fun thing to say, and it sounds good, but I personally wouldn’t describe a SINGLE THING in this box as adventurous. Tasty, yes. Maybe if they’d put that horrid curry flavored granola in this box I could see the adventure, but everything in this box is pretty darn tame.

20160717_180635I’ve been subscribed to Love with Food for more than a year now, and while I’ve enjoyed my time with them, our breakup is overdue. Sorry, Love with Food, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve just got a more sophisticated palate than you can match, what with your lollipops and fruit snacks and liquid oatmeal goop in a bag. July 2016 will be my last Love with Food box, so without further ado, I give you Love is Adventure.

20160721_061919Barney Butter Snack Pack – Vanilla + Espresso Almond Butter

I wanted to love this SO BAD. Vanilla espresso almond butter? That sounds AMAZING! Sadly, just like most of the almond butters I’ve tried, this was grainy. The vanilla espresso flavor was very, very mild. Why can’t I like almond butter?! Every time I try it I just think it’s so boring and the texture is just awful. Maybe it’s me. I’ll be sticking to my buddy peanut butter from now on.

20160721_103120Pure Growth Organic Popcorn

I joke about having a refined palate but when presented with bag after bag of air popped popcorn seasoned only with salt I find that I can’t ever tell them apart. They’re all just good air popped popcorn. It’s popcorn. Do they taste different like wine or coffee? I can’t figure it out. In my opinion, if popcorn is still crunchy and has the right amount of salt it’s good every time. This one was good, too.

20160721_062122Pur Mints Mojito Lime Mint

I’ve got a couple of these in my mouth right now, and I’ve gotta say they taste pretty darn close to a real mojito, sans the rum of course. They have a very slight medicinal quality but are tasty and refreshing.

20160721_062110Luna Protein Berry Greek Yogurt Bar

This was, by far, my least favorite item in the box. I was grumpy after eating it. It had a sour, spoiled quality to it that I did NOT love. I love Greek yogurt, but to me it should be tart and not sour. I do usually like Luna bars though, so this was an anomaly. Do not recommend.

20160718_201458Pretzel Perfection Twice-Baked Tomato Basil Pretzel Sticks

In contrast to the Luna bar, these were my absolute favorite thing in the box. THEY WERE SO CRUNCHY! Perfection is the right word when waxing poetic about these. The bag was pretty big too, I didn’t feel like I ran out of pretzel sticks too quickly. I also really enjoyed the Tomato Basil flavor,  which was strong enough to be enjoyable without crossing the line of overkill. SO YUM.

20160721_062059Chef’s Cut Original Real Steak Jerky

If I could afford to buy this jerky on a regular basis I would. It has great flavor and it’s incredibly tender and easy to chew. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s nitrite free, if you’re worried about that sort of thing. Also, for real, I legit like the logo. Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurus.

20160721_062137Trujoy Sweets Organic Bunny Shaped Lollipop

I’m not really a lollipop fan, but this was tasty. I think it was strawberry flavored? Maybe strawberry banana. The fact that it is supposed to be “bunny shaped” doesn’t sway me either way. And at closer inspection, it appears the bunny is choking on the stick. Not my idea of family friendly imagery.

20160721_061946Yumearth Naturals Sour Beans

The Hubs ate the sour beans, and he says they had a good sour kick to them at first, which then mellowed out to a sweetness. They had a more natural fruit flavor than Sour Patch Kids. His quote: “As a connoisseur of sour things, me likey.” Preach.

20160720_064900Jimmy Bar – No Bluffin’ Banana Muffin

I’ve gotten Jimmy Bars before, and I’ve got to say I really like them. I can’t find them anywhere in stores though. I like the idea that you can get these smaller snack sized ones, too. The texture is great, and while some people will be disappointed in the lack of true banana flavor, I was pleased. It was a nice, sweet, bullsh*t free bite!


I enjoyed this box quite a bit, despite the Luna bar. I will be discontinuing my subscription after this box and venturing out to try something new, but if you’re interested in giving it a try, use my code and get a discount on your first box!

Have you tried any of these snacks? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Review: July Love With Food Box – A Tasty Farewell”

  1. My sister made a wrap for me using almond butter, apricot jam, and sliced almonds. It was SO good! I like Justin’s brand of almond butter. They recently had 1 serving packets (2 Tbsp.) at Shop Rite for a reasonable amount.

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