The Best Father’s Day Gifts

happy-fathers-dayFather’s Day is this Sunday, June 19, and while I’m sure some of you have already purchased Dad something incredible, I’m also sure some of you haven’t even given a thought as to what to get dear old Dad. Well stop worrying because I’m here to tell you exactly what to buy him!


no money

Yep, you heard me right.

Don’t spend a damn dime.

No, I’m not a Dad Hater. Not remotely. Give your dad something better than you can afford to buy at a store. Give him a hug. Your love. Your time. Tell him that you love him. Make him a card from scratch like you did when you were little. Spend the day with him. If you don’t get along well, reach out. Find common ground. Make peace.

hugging-571076_960_720Because someday Father’s Day will roll around and Dad won’t be there to celebrate it with.

To all those men out there who are not just sperm donors and raise their children to be good citizens, I salute you! Happy Father’s Day!


7 thoughts on “The Best Father’s Day Gifts”

  1. I love this Andrea. I had a post all planned to do today that was similar but I just did not have it in me to do. June is a tough month for me. Fathers Day and my Dad’s birthday not having him here makes for a long month. Thank you for doing this. hugs

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      1. From my experience some years..months..holidays…whatever just are for no explainable reason. You can handle it fine one year, and be a mess the next. My Dad has been gone almost 13 years and it’s still like that. ❤

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  2. One of the best Father’s Day gifts our son gave my husband and me both was a long, Sunday ride down the river on a raft. I will remember it always. Those of us who have lost people have that little cloud traveling with us all the time. Sometimes, when we think we’ve forgotten the cloud, it centers over us and many tears fall
    and heavy hearts appear once again. We are the lucky ones. Because we had people to love, and who
    loved us so completely. They never leave us. Both my husband and my son are gone now and I haven’t a clue what comes next. I do know, however, what I had once – and that was more than enough. Lucky me. Lucky you.

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