Stuff You Can Use to Workout That You Already Have

I know that not all of us have access to a gym or can afford to keep fancy workout equipment in our homes. That’s okay! There are tons of exercises you can do with some basic stuff you already have in your house! Check out just the handful I found:


Don’t even try to turn around and tell me you don’t own a chair! I don’t believe you!

Triceps Dips

Chair Pushups

Lat Pull Downs

Chair Planks


For Abs

For Forearms

Water Jugs

Biceps Curls

A one-gallon water jug weighs about 8 lbs full so it’s a good weight to add to your collection. If you fill it with dirt or sand it’s closer to 12 lbs. Varying the level of water inside adds to the difficulty level due to the “slosh factor”.

Farmer’s Carry

This is the world’s simplest workout. I buy spring water to keep at work because I don ‘t have access to potable water to drink. Now I drink a LOT of water, 1.25 gallons a day,  so I buy 2.5 gallon jugs. These weigh 20 lbs apiece. I often carry one in each hand from the grocery store near work back to my office. It’s only 1/6 of a mile, but with 20 lbs in each hand, it makes the walk a bit more challenging. You can really feel it in your grip, arms and shoulders. (The guy in the video has 8 gallon jugs, so he’s on the extreme end, but you can vary the weight to your strength.)

And and and…

So you see you don’t need a lot of extra stuff to get a good workout in! I bet you even have all these things at home already, don’t you? GO WORKOUT!


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