Review: Love with Food Box – April

Yes I know we’re halfway through May already, but it took me that long to eat everything in April’s Love with Food box. Why, you ask? Three words: squeezable oatmeal puree. I’d gotten it before and passed it off to a friend.

Maybe it’s PMS or maybe this box was seriously meh, but I just wasn’t real impressed by any of this stuff. My opinions may be a bit grumpier than usual, so be forewarned.

Coconut Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips by Boulder Canyon

20160502_153008*sigh* I’m super picky about potato chips. These were bland. The back was larger than an ounce, so it was a lot of calories I regretted consuming. You could definitely taste the coconut. Not enough salt.

Black Rice Crackers by Laiki

Image from

These were actually the best thing in the box (which is ironic because I lost the photo I took). GREAT crunch factor, nice toasted rice flavor. I’d be happy if I got them in a later box, but I probably wouldn’t go out and buy them.

Fruit Snacks by Tasty Brand

20160502_110714They’re fruit snacks. They were fine. No gross, off-putting flavors. Still, just fruit snacks. I’m 34, not 4. Over fruit snacks.

Green Tea Latte Candy by Bali’s Best

20160418_170538Very tasty! The tea candies by Bali’s Best are always good. No complaints!

Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy

20160422_211347It’s your average biscotti. It was fine. (I really am crabby this month, aren’t I? Maybe I’m over Love with Food?)

Gluten-Free Waffle by Honey Stinger

20160421_114759I’ve had these before at the sample tent at the Adventure Run. They’re tasty! But for the life of me I’m not sure how people eat these things while running. I’d choke on a wafer if I was moving! They do taste good though!

Banana Bar by Nutryttiva

20160419_153831*cue dramatic music* Bananas and I have an awkward relationship. I really only love bananas when they’re slightly under ripe. Once the hint of green is gone I’m not really interested. Yes, arrest me, I’m a banana cradle robber. This Banana Bar tastes like ripe bananas somehow condensed into a taffy-like texture. It wasn’t terrible, and if you’re normal and eat ripe bananas you’ll probably love it, but not for me.

Blueberry Acai Flax Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze by Munk Pack

20160515_100638I’d been dreading this one since I got it last time (and didn’t eat it). It’s… odd. I don’t know, maybe the idea of drinking food is just not my gig. I’m not a fan of smoothies, either. The texture was actually not bad, and neither was the flavor. The real problem for me was that there was banana in this, too, and as previously discussed, I’m not a huge fan of banana when it’s ripe. If I get this in a future box, I’m totally pawning this off on Josh. Sorry.


Honestly this box was fine. Everything was okay. I think I’m just being bitchy. I do prefer the boxes that feel less like kid snacks and more like adult snacks, though!

If you’re interested in trying your own Love with Food box, use my referral code and get 40% off your first box! (And seriously, it’s not expensive, it’s less than $10 for the smallest box.)

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “Review: Love with Food Box – April”

  1. I totally just started eating fruit snacks again. I was looking for something sweet that I wouldn’t end up over doing at weird hours of evening, when I’m not actually hungry but can’t kick the sweet tooth. They’re weirdly good for that. I don’t care if my cupboard looks like I have a toddler. 🙂

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      1. The only foods I consent to putting an age stamp on expire. I’d eat dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets if they were cheaper (temporarily ignoring the fact that that definitely does not count as healthy.) Lol.

        I figure between fruit snacks and dark chocolate, only one of those things will curb a sweet tooth without tempting me to go back for seconds. So, fruit snacks it is.

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