REPOST: Copycat Sargento Balanced Breaks

Hey all! Work has been crazy and I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, so here’s a re-post of my most read post about Sargento Balanced Breaks. Enjoy!

A Measured Life


Happy Labor Day, My Dear Measured Readers!

In honor of this day of national (bi-National? I hear Canada’s Labour Day is today as well) laziness, I have brought you a super lazy snack! I made this snack in about 2 minutes. No joke.

I love healthy, uncomplicated, savory snacks. There are so many highly processed sweet snacks out there (I know, we just purchased 4 boxes of Quaker granola bars for The Hubs because we got them for less than 75 cents a box) but I really love a good salty snack. Enter Sargento Balanced Breaks. These little packs of nutrition are relatively new to the market, and early on I could get them for a song or even free. At that price, I bought as many as I could. But now the hype has died down a bit and they’re almost $4 for a pack of 3…

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