Eating in Season: Spring! (Repost)

Hey all! I’m busy packing to go camping (even though it’ll be below freezing and SNOWING) so here’s a post on spring veggies for you to devour while I’m gone! See you Monday!

A Measured Life

IMG_20150316_160521406Spring has arrived in southern New Jersey: I found my first cluster of crocuses the other day on a walk to the local WaWa. Considering we had nearly five inches of snow on March 20th, this is good news. It’s been a long, cold winter, and I’m looking forward to ditching winter fruits and veggies in favor of those that come in spring. Begone potatoes and hard winter squash! (Okay, okay winter squash, don’t cry, I’ll always love you.) Begone clementines, pomegranates and pears! ALL HAIL THE ARRIVAL OF SPRING! brings my #1 favorite vegetable: asparagus! I was never really a picky eater. We always ate all sorts of veggies, and I inhaled broccoli (with or without cheese sauce). As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to really enjoy a perfectly cooked tender crisp spear of delicate asparagus. My favorite way to cook it is *gasp* MICROWAVED. Simply trim the spears of…

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4 thoughts on “Eating in Season: Spring! (Repost)”

  1. My favorite way to eat asparagus is raw – out in the garden. When the young shoots show their head, I simply
    break one or two off to munch on while I’m gardening!

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