5 Tips for Embracing Your Bikini Body

LOVE this!

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Embracing Your Bikini Body”

  1. This is right on and needs to be repeated and repeated and repeated. There are so many beautiful flowers in
    a garden . . . . short and sturdy ones that defy the weight of rain and wind, tall slender ones that are more
    perishable but nonetheless beautiful, bushy ones, demure ones, loud ones. Together they make the garden
    interesting and ever-changing. We can do the same thing with life if only we’d allow ourselves to. We all need
    to be like those Italian women at the beach. Just who we are. Soaking up the sun and refreshing ourselves
    with the cool water, enjoying each others company. Feeling better at the end of the day having spent it in
    nature and having relaxed and accepted ourselves as all interesting and lovely enough in different ways.
    What a silly waste of time to do anything else but be happy and share a sunny day.

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