When the Scale is a Jerk, Focus on Non-Scale Victories

non scale

Have you heard of an NSV? It stands for Non-Scale Victory, and it’s an important tool when you’re playing the weight loss game. Basically, it’s anything positive you get from eating healthy and exercising that isn’t a drop in your weight. When the scale isn’t cooperating, NSVs are a great way to tell you’re still headed in the right direction. Here’s a list to get your started:

  1. Fly on an airplane without an extender
  2. Fit in a smaller size jeans
  3. Stick to an exercise streak
  4. Be complimented on your weight loss
  5. Climb stairs without being winded
  6. Seeing an improvement in your level of fitness
  7. Being asked to train someone because they like how you look
  8. Rings/clothes feel looser
  9. Avoiding emotional eating
  10. No longer needing to take prescription medications
  11. Lowered cholesterol
  12. Lowered blood pressure
  13. Lowered A1C levels
  14. Making a healthier choice dining out
  15. Taking the stairs instead of the elavator/escalator
  16. No longer having to shop in plus-sized stores
  17. Made a meal plan and followed it
  18. Liking how you look naked
  19. Beating a personal exercise record
  20. More regular… uhm… bathroom visits
  21. Drinking more water
  22. Losing inches
  23. Lifting a little heavier
  24. Feeling a little happier
  25. Planking a little longer
  26. Running a little longer
  27. Running a little faster
  28. Bringing homemade food for lunch instead of ordering out
  29. Upping your step count
  30. Eating more fruits and veggies
  31. Finishing a workout video you couldn’t finish before
  32. Car seat belt doesn’t dig into your belly
  33. Hitting your macro ratio every day
  34. Logging your food every day
  35. Wearing the bikini instead of the one-piece
  36. Gaining confidence
  37. Choosing a smaller portion
  38. Skipping dessert
  39. Not letting the scale define you
  40. Having more energy
  41. Inspiring others to get healthy
  42. Learning to love new foods
  43. Having a regular sized towel fit around you
  44. Cooking a healthy dinner instead of stopping for fast food on the way home
  45. Have your doctor tell you to “just keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s working”
  46. When you can share clothes with a friend that used to be much smaller than you
  47. Sleeping better
  48. You love your new lifestyle
  49. Fewer aches and pains
  50. Needing fewer breaks when doing physical labor

Phew! That’s a LOT of NSVs! So, what about you? Do any of you have any NSVs you can add to this list? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “When the Scale is a Jerk, Focus on Non-Scale Victories”

  1. Great list, Andrea! I remember the first NSV I experienced was feeling less bloated, since my diet was better – and this was just the first week! The next NSV I had, was being able to do high-knees, and there wasn’t as much lower pooch getting in my way haha. I love #40 on your list as well; I definitely have more energy, and don’t take as many naps as I used to. Hooray for NSVs!!

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