Review: Baron Chocolatier Chocolates

Author’s Note: I am not in any way being compensated for this review and was not prompted to do so.

You may remember I got to taste Baron Chocolatier Milk Chocolate truffles in my February Love with Food box. Inside the box was a card that stated if I posted a pic of myself enjoying my treat on social media I’d receive a 100g bar of chocolate for FREE! So, duh, I did! If it’s free it’s for me, right? Well boy did Baron Chocolatier deliver!

On day I came home from work and found a notice on my door from FedEx. I was confused. I hadn’t ordered anything. So I signed the form and left it on my door and went off to work. When I came home, there was a box. The box was maybe 12 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches, and it wasn’t labeled with any company name or anything. What could it be? I’d already forgotten about my 100g chocolate bar coming in the mail, and the box was way too big for one chocolate bar.

20160223_175707It wasn’t one 100g chocolate bar, it was TWO, plus an ENTIRE BOX of chocolate cream-filled eggs! Holy crap, Baron! Check out how many eggs are in this box:

20160223_193354The eggs came in three flavors: milk chocolate with milk chocolate filling, milk chocolate with vanilla filling and milk chocolate with strawberry cheesecake filling. They were all very sweet like a creme egg, so I tried one of each flavor and gave the rest to the Hubs, who brought them to work and shared them with his coworkers, who devoured them! My favorite was the strawberry cheesecake, which is amazing because I don’t usually like strawberry-flavored things.

20160223_193423The Hubs and I each brought a Sea Salt Caramel bar to work, and let me tell you, these are fantastic! When I hear “sea salt caramel” I generally think of ooey gooey deliciousness but no, this sea salt caramel bar had tiny crunchy nuggets of salty goodness evenly spaced throughout the bar. Saltier than your average sea salt candy without tasting like a salt lick, this bar really hit that sweet/savory note I love so much. It’s easy to eat just a square or two at a time and really savor it.


Well done, Baron Chocolatier! Thanks for the sweet loot (pun intended)!

Have you tried chocolate from Baron Chocolatier? Follow them on Instagram or Twitter for lots of delicious chocolaty photos, mmm. Yummy!



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