Happy Leap Day! and…Do You Have a Moment to Talk about The Universe?

leap-year-waste-time-february-somewhat-topical-ecards-someecardsWoo hoo! February 29th! A whole extra day in the 2016 calendar. What will YOU be doing with all your extra time?

Oh. Wait. It’s Monday. A large majority of you will be working. Monday is my Sunday, so I’m off today, woo hoo! I’ll be celebrating Leap Day by going out to lunch with my Godmother. (Note to self: view nutritional info for Panera before you leave the house.) Maybe some of you ladies out there will propose to your guys? That’s a thing, right? Is that a thing? *shrugs*

So anyway, what I’m really here for is to talk to you about The Universe.

Imagine me rolling up to your house in a dark car. I step out of the driver’s side and straighten my neat and fashionable dark pantsuit. I stroll calmly up to your door and knock patiently, the only thing tucked into the crook of my arm a tablet computer. No, it’s NOT an iPad. When you answer the door I smile and hold up my tablet to show you this website:


“Do you have a moment to talk about The Universe?”

Look, let me be straight with you. I’m the type of girl who often rolls her eyes at those inspirational quotes that everyone loves so much. They strike me as cheesy and unnecessary for me. A lot of people really love them, and I’m not knocking you if you do, they’re just not for me. So when someone suggested to me YEARS ago to sign up for inspirational e-mails from The Universe, I may have scoffed openly, but I gave it a shot anyway.

Because sometimes it seems like life is all uphill.

I’ve been subscribed for years now, and I’ve really enjoyed it. At times, the e-mails are somewhat trippy, sometimes make me smile, and other times, bring tears to my eyes. when you subscribe, you can somewhat customize your messages by entering keywords. The e-mail always focus on positivity and the power of thought, without getting extreme. It’s all FREE. Here’s the somewhat wacky e-mail I received this morning:

Nothing’s been lost, Andrea, you’ve still totally got “it.”
It’s just that you enrolled in the “Double Advanced Super Thriller Program,” at the same time as the “Can’t Touch This Life Mastery Class.”
Naturally then, since you aren’t permitted to remember such choices mid-life, you’re a bit startled to see the bar continually being raised on you, even after all you’ve done.
The Universe
And now you know why every little thing means so much to you, Andrea. Heart.

And here’s one of my absolute favorites:

Andrea, please don’t let the wisdom you seek or the changes you wish to manifest be driven by feelings that you’re somehow flawed, weak, or lacking. Because the ability to imagine change in spite of the illusions that surround you and move toward it without even knowing “how” your kingdom will come, is the hallmark of perfection, strength, and divinity.

As if crazy, sexy, cool wasn’t already enough –
The Universe
Already, Andrea, your star has set the heavens ablaze.

This brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.

Yes, it’s an e-mail, and yes, it’s not written FOR me, but it touches me and inspires me and gives me a little push when I need it. Notes from the Universe has been around for 15 years and has more than 70,000 subscribers. It’s sort of like getting a hug in the form of an e-mail.

What do you think, will you give Notes from The Universe a shot? Are you already a subscriber? Let me know in the comments!





7 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day! and…Do You Have a Moment to Talk about The Universe?”

  1. Leap day . . . . just reminded me of Sadie Hawkin’s Day which had fallen to somewhere in the recesses of my
    mind. Fun! Since I’ve been asking every man I know to help me with this, that, and the other, maybe for leap
    day I’ll give them a break and ask a woman for a favor. If TUT is positive, it has to be good. Even if it’s anonymous. We are all just energy and all this connecting and back-and-forthing is just exchanging energy.
    Taking good energy from any source where you find it just makes us stronger and more loving and calm.
    All good things.

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