My 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

It’s not hard to me to say that Instagram is my current favorite social media platform. I am that person who posts my dinner every night and then a lot of pictures of my dog. I also follow a bunch of people. Instagram is great because you can scroll quickly through photos and you only really need to stop and read if the photo compels you. Much more fun than the wall of text that is Twitter or Facebook. Here are my absolute favorite accounts:


This Japanese account features lots of timed-released photos of the night sky and daytime photos of an adorable little boy in an elf-like hat. Stunning, artsy photography of everyday things.


Duh. For serious. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m sort of a Fitness Blender fangirl. Workouts, before and after pics of real people, food, dogs and fun.


A professional photographer with a focus on beautiful women and exotic animals, jenniferilene manages to capture an ethereal, fantasy quality that evokes beauty and power without any of the trappings of sex. Pure magic!


Maker of awesome kettlebell wrist guards and home of the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls, Kettleguard has a ton of great videos and photos of strong women and men. A fountain of positivity for those who love to swing.


If I could set Bingley up with a Boston Terrier girlfriend, it would be Minnie. How can you resist this face?!

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The hump day struggle is real for the babushka. 🐪

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Do you use Instagram? If you’re new to the app you can always follow yours truly!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments!


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