Doggy Bag, Please!

Just thought I would share a great post from my friend Cat over at Frugal Living and Crafting. I’m going out to eat on Monday and I will DEFINITELY be bringing home leftovers!

Frugal Living and Crafting

I’ve never been a person to bring leftovers home from restaurants.  My general plan has always been to stuff myself and leave the leftovers on the plate.  Obviously that wasn’t good, both from a health point and a wallet point.

Last week, Hubs and I went to Chipotle for our normal weekly lunch out.  I was hungry, or I thought I was, but I ate less than half of my burrito bowl before deciding I was completely and totally full.  Normally I would have tossed it.  Instead I looked at it with new eyes, thinking “How can I not create waste with this?”  Honestly my first thought wasn’t about saving money with it, my first thought was about not sending that food needlessly to a landfill where it will release unneeded methane gas.  That thought was followed immediately by “Hey!  That’s enough for dinner later!”

For the first time in…

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