Snowed In? 3 Workout Ideas for the House Bound

Winter is coming.

Okay okay, it’s HERE. At least in the North East. A lot of people can’t get to the gym. Now you KNOW my first suggestion would be kettlebells, but I know that sadly, not everyone owns kettlebells. BUT YOU SHOULD. (And if you DO, you should do THIS workout if you’re snowed in.)

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

10f062613dc23aa413ea51e66173ba20They’re not. Don’t worry about it. Maybe close your curtains. Or not. Don’t worry about it. Crank up the tunes that get you pumped and moving and choreograph your own dance routine! Get the blood pumping, your heart beating, your arms moving and your feet stomping! (Unless your downstairs neighbors are sleeping, they may not appreciate that.)

Body Weight Exercises


You don’t need a gym to do strength training! All you really need to build strength at home is your floor, and maybe a sturdy chair. There are TONS of resources on the web for these sorts of workouts (here is just one), but if you don’t want to follow anything specific, just work on pushups, planks, dips and squats. I promise if you do enough squats in correct form you’ll feel like you spent all day at the gym.



I tried yoga last spring by doing a 30-day challenge at Yoga with Adriene. Before I tried it, I had a pre-conceived notion that yoga was easy. It is NOT. But it is pretty easy to start. There are great videos out there for beginners, and yoga is a huge help in relieving stress and anxiety. There are even lists of anxiety-relieving poses! Great for staving off that cabin fever.

The point is, get up and get moving. Don’t sit on your butt all day and binge on Netflix. Binge on Netflix and jog in place or do yoga or even pushups! Haha!


6 thoughts on “Snowed In? 3 Workout Ideas for the House Bound”

  1. I kind of feel like you are boring your eyes right through the interwebs at me when you say “don’t sit on your butt all day”. I promise I’ll get Ginger out for some extra walk time tomorrow! Although I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with your indoor exercises post… but it’s less time on my butt!

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  2. Great blog, Andrea! There really are no valid excuses for sitting on our bums when the weather sucks. I’m going to try out that Thor workout this weekend, it will be nice to mix things up a bit! Oh, and I *finally* bought my own 25 lb bell, and I will be referencing your blog for workout ideas, since I’ve only done bells with a trainer, and I want to do them by myself. It’s time to build up my guns! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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