Potpourri: Nutrition Comparisons, Muscle Stretching Guide & AML Slack Team

There’s a storm coming here this weekend, so this is a quickie potpourri post before I have to buckle down and shovel. I found a couple of really awesome resources on the web. The first one is a nutrition comparison website!

Screenshot 2016-01-22 at 7.52.21 AM

This website is SO cool! You can compare up to three foods and their respective nutritional values. This can be really helpful when you’re worried about macros (protein/fat/carbs) or diabetic (needing to watch your carbs). As you can see, boiled carrots have approximately one third the calories of white potato, and one third the carbs, but way more of those carbs come from sugar. I’m going to be playing with this site for a while!


The second I got from a member of the Frogpants LoseIt! community, and it’s a guide to which muscles you’re stretching. It’s great to have a visual guide to stretches, because if a part of your body is tight, you can actually see which stretches will help that part of your body. Neat, huh?!

2b26437d72e949db88e62d251c736c45Lastly, I made an AML Slack Team! Slack is a messaging and file sharing app where we can chat about all things AML. If you’re interested in getting an invite, all I need is your e-mail address. Send me an e-mail at ameasuredlife@gmail.com or leave your e-mail in the comments! You can download Slack for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows and even Linux here. We’ll be able to chat in real time about stuff in the chat channels, and you can search conversations to see what people are talking about. I hope to see you there!


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