Fun with Apps: Google Keep

screenshot_2016-01-07-18-59-20.pngOne of the best things about finally having a fancy pants smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy) is the ability to use my phone as a personal organizer. I use it for multiple e-mails, social media accounts, my Etsy store, GPS, a calendar, syncing my FitBit, goofing off, saving money, and chatting with friends. But what I was missing was an easy way to remind myself of stuff I need to DO. I love lists, but I always lose them. Enter Google Keep.

Available for Android, iOS, Chrome and just straight up on the web, information SYNCS across multiple devices: just log into your Google account. Oh, and did I mention you can use the app for multiple Gmail accounts? WELL YOU CAN.

350660.gif(I may have squeed just now. Did I squee? Maybe I only squeed inside my head. But I just told you I squeed. Don’t tell anyone okay?)

On top of just making text lists, you can also write or draw with your finger:

screenshot_2016-01-07-19-02-11.pngAnd record voice memos:


You can also add photos and probably do half a billion other useful things. I’ve been using Google Keep for awhile without even thinking about it, so I figured I’d share.

Have you used Google Keep?

Enjoy your weekend!



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