The Liebster Award!


Nikki over at A Kinder Way was super sweet in nominating me for the Liebster Award! The intent of the Liebster Award is to help bloggers get to know each other and expose us to new bloggers.

My Nominees Are:

Infinite Belly

Chef in Disguise

Be the Best You

If this sort of thing isn’t for you, feel free to skip it, I just think they’re fun. 🙂

My answers to Nikki’s questions:

  1. Why did you start your blog? I lost a lot of weight in a cheap and healthy way and thought I could help people by sharing what worked for me, along with flavorful, healthy recipes.
  2. What was the last kind thing you did for yourself? I worked out! It helps relieve stress and keep me calm.
  3. What was the last kind thing you did for someone else? I told my friend she had a great butt. (It’s true!)
  4. What is your favorite way to pass time besides the computer/phone. Walking/hiking in nature!
  5. If you could spend an hour with anyone, who would it be? Dead – my dad, an hour with him again would be wonderful. Living – Neil deGrasse Tyson, because I find him fascinating!
  6. What is the last thing you ate? *lowers head* A fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie.
  7. What was the last book you read? Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess
  8. What are you passionate about? Oh geez. Healthy living, saving money, kettlebells (duh), cooking, blogging, and then whatever my current favorite interest is.
  9. You just won a trip to anywhere in the world. Where do you go? Japan. Less Tokyo and more Hokkaido, Osaka and Okinawa.
  10. What is your guilty pleasure? I don’t really feel guilty about any of my pleasures.
  11. What is your dream career? This is a tough question, because most of the things I love would be ruined by doing them for a living. I would, however, love to run a charity someday where low income youth could learn how to cook healthy food on a budget so they could help their families.

11 random facts about me:

  1. I have two tattoos, a red serpent-like dragon on my back and the letters of my first name in Sanskrit on my ankle.
  2. I spent several years of my life as a raid healer priest in World of Warcraft.
  3.  I once had hair to my waist.
  4. The only condiment that ruins meals for me is horseradish/wasabi. I hate it.
  5. I listen to podcasts about video games I’ve never played.
  6. I have had arthritis in my left knee since I was 5 or 6.
  7. I’m going gray at 34 and I’m okay with that.
  8. I’m really hungry right now but the roast isn’t done cooking.
  9. My favorite vegetable is asparagus made in the microwave with NOTHING on it. Om nom nom.
  10. I have a crossbite which makes it physically impossibly for me to bite my nails.
  11. I adore historical dramas.

11 questions for my nominees:

  1. Who is your favorite artist?
  2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  3. How do you take your coffee?
  4. What food do you love that other people think is strange?
  5. Who inspires you the most?
  6. What is your favorite tree?
  7. Rain or sunshine?
  8. What’s your favorite body part (of your own body)?
  9. What’s your favorite song to sing?
  10. Tea: sweetened or unsweetened?
  11. What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Happy Monday, all!





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