Kettlebell Workouts: Widowmaker Update

grab lifeIn the beginning of November I decided to “splurge” and buy myself a 40-lb kettlebell which I have lovingly named “Widowmaker”. Over the last few weeks, I’ve slowly been adapting my old workouts to phase out my 20-lb kettlebell and use only my 30- and 40-lb bells. This has been slightly more difficult than expected! Below you’ll find a rundown of my workout week:


Mondays are part of my weekend, so I do The Ladder workout with a few adjustments, which takes about 45 minutes total. Here’s my adjusted workout:

  1. 40-lb Goblet Squats
  2. 40-lb Sumo Deadlifts
  3. 30-lb Clean and Press
  4. 30-lb High Pulls
  5. 30-lb Windmills
  6. 30-lb Halos (Formerly Squat Presses)
  7. 40-lb Around the Worlds
  8. 40-lb Two-Handed Swings
  9. 40-lb Bent Over Row
  10. 40-lb Figure 8’s
  11. 40-lb Around the Body Stalls
  12. 30-lb One-Handed Swings


Abs Day!

Fitness Blender’s Six Pack Burnout


Wednesday I work out with my gym buddy Sharon! We do the AML’s Beginner Kettlebell Workout. Here are the weights I use for each move:

  1.  40-lb Around the Worlds
  2. 30-lb Halos
  3. 40-lb Two-Handed Swings
  4. 30-lb Windmills
  5. 40-lb Goblet Squats
  6. 40-lb Sumo Deadlifts
  7. 40-lb Bent Over Rows
  8. 30-lb Russian Twists
Two-Handed Swings.


Abs Day!

Fitness Blender’s Six Pack Burnout


Friday I’m shorter on time, so I do the very first custom kettlebell workout I ever did, The Circuit, with the adjustments shown here:

  1. 40-lb Two-Handed Swing
  2. 30-lb One-Handed Swings
  3. 30-lb High Elbows
  4. 30-lb Windmills
  5. 30-lb Halos (formerly Squat Presses)
  6. 40-lb Sumo Deadlifts
  7. 30-lb Clean and Press
  8. 40-lb Figure 8’s

As of right now I can only get through 2 out of the 3 rounds while only using the 30- and 40-lb bells, but I’ll build back up to 3 rounds by January I think.


Abs Day!

Fitness Blender’s Six Pack Burnout


I’m currently working on week 6 of a 6-day-a-week workout habit, and I’m feeling great! Nothing better than a sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving goals, right?

What are you up to work your workouts?

grab life


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