What Do YOU Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Image: Flickr member presta licensed under Creative Commons)
Image: Flickr member presta licensed under Creative Commons)

Please forgive me, folks! Work is ramping up for the holidays and I find myself barely able to keep my eyes open after dinner. I’m definitely working on new content for next week, but this will be short and sweet. (Plus, Bingley is slowly killing the circulation in my left arm. Help!)

I’m contemplating the concept of making my leftovers into a savory pie with a stuffing top crust. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Any extra ideas? Stuffing muffins? Cranberry pie? Sweet potato S’Mores? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “What Do YOU Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers?”

  1. There used to be a restaurant here in Montclair years ago called Bread and Chocolate, and they had the most amazing sandwich, every day of the week. You had to get there at lunch time though, because once it was gone, that was it. They roasted a whole turkey every day – EVERY DAY, just so they could make their Thanksgiving Every Day sandwich. Whole grain house made bread, a thin slice of stuffing, mayo, cranberry sauce, lots of oven roasted real turkey, and a light dousing of hot gravy. It was incredible!

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  2. We end up freezing a lot of the turkey. With only 3 of us, it’s too much to eat for days on end, so once we run out of sides, I’ll often use it for stir fry, or in whatever dishes I would normally throw chicken into. I imagine that turkey/sweet potato/other veggie kebabs would probably be tasty, depending on how you opt to make your veggies and sweet potatoes, and if they’re firm enough to make that work.

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  3. We don’t usually have turkey for thanksgiving& the husband HATES leftovers, so I have to get creative! So in addition to heat& eat and regular sandwiches, I’ll pull out the food processor& make turkey salad sandwiches, enchiladas, chop it& mix with mac& cheese, make tetrazzini, etc. Pretty much anything I can to get him to help me with it!

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