One Lovely Blog Award



I was nominated by for the One Lovely Blog Award, thanks Bonnie!

Here are the rules for this award:
Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.

Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.

Share 7 facts or things about yourself.

Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.


7 Facts About Me:

  1. I have a passion for learning new things (bonus if it’s learning new things about myself).
  2. I’m terrible at small talk, but come alive during deep, intense conversation.
  3. I’m a Taurini, or a Taurus/Gemini cusp baby, born on May 19th. My behavior fluctuates between the two signs, making reading an accurate horoscope quite difficult!
  4. I am an only child, and I’m adopted. I know my birth mom and her family. 🙂
  5. I’m a Jersey girl, but I CAN pump my own gas. I apparently do have an accent, but it mostly comes out when I swear, according to certain people.
  6. I went to architecture school, have a degree in Construction Management, and work as a bookkeeper/retail salesperson for a small family owned jewelry store. (I may b e good at adapting to stuff, haha.)
  7. I love food, but I’d never call myself a foodie. I just love good food, and I will try almost anything once. (I’m looking at you, silkworm pupa.)


My nominees:

Hope you check some of them out!

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