Strive for Self-Improvement Over Perfection

never-compare-yourself-to-anyone-except-the-previous-you-quote-1I’m not a competitive person for the most part. I’m totally okay with losing as long as I have a good time along the way. I’ve been known to lose board games on purpose if I think the other person might have a hissy fit if they lose. But I am “competitive” against myself.

Self-Improvement-Quotes-Improvement-Quote-300x276I’m not a proponent of perfectionism. It sets you up for failure, because the perfect thing doesn’t exist. To call my life philosophy “that’s good enough” isn’t quite right either, because it implies I don’t really care about self-improvement, and, if you’re reading this, you know how untrue that is. I don’t need to be the best at anything. I don’t need to be perfect. But if I can mark every day off of the calendar with a check mark because I’ve improved a small aspect of my life then the day is a success.

Become-addicted-to-constant-and-never-ending-self-improvementIt doesn’t need to be something big at all. It could be getting one more kettlebell swing crammed into my 1-minute timer. It could be holding a plank for an extra 5 seconds. It could be getting a few more steps in the day. It could be turning down a mouth-watering soft pretzel. Now these are all health and fitness related, but I don’t exclusively count those. Yesterday I learned that beavers are vegetarians and eat trees, berries and shrubs. I didn’t know that the day before, so I’m automatically better than I was before! At the Renaissance Faire, I made a point of complimenting someone on their garb, which put a big smile on her face and in turn, made me smile. Daily I have to work on being as kind and understanding as possible with a specific coworker who consistently rubs me the wrong way. It’s a process.

self-improvement-quotes-The-safest-principle-through-life-instead-of-reforming-others-is-to-set-about-perfecting-yourself.Last week, I worked on a bit of my social anxiety and LEAD THE WALKING GROUP AT THE ADVENTURE RUN BY MYSELF AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (I’m 99.9% sure I did a good job 😉 ) So I gained a confidence point that day. Are these things that would be important on paper? Maybe not. But they’re important to me! Day by day I’m working on becoming a better person. Do I need to make huge strides daily? Heck no! Do I sometimes have setbacks? Sure as hellfire I do! But it isn’t about setbacks or failures, it’s about striving for being better. It’s a challenge to me: I’ve grown to realize that I can’t change anyone else, but I can change myself. And sometimes, changing yourself is creating a role model that may inspire someone else to change themselves for the better.

On today’s agenda is a) getting this blog written, b) reading a bit about writing/publishing a cookbook, and c) trying something new (a painting party). Also: d) BEING AWESOME. DONE! BWAHAHA. (Can you tell I’m feeling goofy today?) What’s on YOUR self-improvement agenda?



7 thoughts on “Strive for Self-Improvement Over Perfection”

  1. Whenever possible, doing things I love. Because if I’m happy, I can radiate happiness outwardly. I love to
    work . . . . but here again . . . . at things I’m interested in! So as much as possible get the things you don’t
    like so much out of the way and get onto your favorite things. And then, remember to be just as kind as you
    can be. Because no amount of “self-improvement” will matter if you are not loving and kind. And if you do
    have that, everything else falls into place so much more easily.

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  2. I’m working on a little (ok HUGE) project of my own and each day I chip away at all that needs to be done before I can stand back and say TA DA! As you can see…I’m taking a break to read your blog! 🙂

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