Homemade Light Box – Part II

Hey ya’ll!

Okay I suppose I should not pretend to be Southern and instead embrace the local colloquialisms.


Ugh, okay, I’m never saying that again.

Ready for part deux of my light box project?! I AM!!!!! (You can read Part I here.)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SAFETY DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_20150930_070117610X-Acto blades/knives are DANGEROUS!!1!!!eleventy!!!one!!! Please use them with CAUTION! During my years in architecture school I used one of these things daily and I have had my experience with finding one of these extremely sharp blades in a part of the body where it doesn’t belong, such as embedded deeply in the pad of my big toe or in the fleshy bit of your hand between the thumb and index finger (right about where the point of the blade is in this photo). Trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS EXPERIENCE. It is NOT FUN. So please, please, PLEASE be careful. Thank you. Now, onto the light box!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!END SAFETY DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 4 – Line the box with your solid white paper. This is a royal pain in the ass. You may want to do a better job than I did. Just saying. Be liberal with your clear tape, especially in the corners!

IMG_20151005_150131973_HDR (1)

Step 5 – Use a piece of translucent paper to cover the angled hole along the back of the box. I used a piece of drawing vellum, because that’s what I had! I taped only the top and bottom and not the sides.

IMG_20151005_150215550_HDR IMG_20151005_150245166 IMG_20151005_150315618_HDR (1)

Step 6 – Set up your lamp so that the light shines through the translucent paper.

IMG_20151005_150615843_HDR (1)


Then you’re all ready to go! The bottom of the box is left open so you can use pretty tablecloths or a big block of barn wood, etc to jazz the place up a bit. Here I set up a little still life to show you how it looks:

Not bad, eh? It’s no substitute for natural light but I don’t think my boss would take kindly to me leaving work in the middle of the day to blog about food. And here’s tonight’s dinner, lovingly referred to as cabbage slop (it tastes like a bowl of stuffed cabbage, mmm):

IMG_20151005_180213561 (1)So there you have it, my DIY light box project!

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