Favorites Friday: Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess

I’m going to be totally honest here: I had a rough winter. You see, I reached my goal weight last August, and suddenly I didn’t have my “Fat Barrier” holding back all the internal issues I’d had inside me for years. I had the worst case of anxiety and depression I’d ever had. I had days at work where I would all of a sudden start sobbing and need to get OUT of there. Luckily I have a very understanding boss and coworkers, and I could escape when I needed.

What it felt like inside me.

Things were so bad, laughing and smiling seemed alien to me. Being alone at home in the mornings was torture.  It was cold, and snowy, and dark, both outside and inside me. Years ago (I’m talking before I graduated high school), my first “boyfriend” broke up with me, and for weeks the only thing that kept me from lying in bed crying all day was watching funny movies or tv shows. This time? Most of that didn’t work. There were, however, two things that made me laugh in this very dark time: binge-watching Parks and Recreation (hilarious without all the meanness of other comedies PLUS CHRIS PRATT) and reading Jenny Lawson’s book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

If that face doesn't make you smile, you're dead inside.
If that face doesn’t make you smile, you’re dead inside.

You might know Jenny as her online persona, The Bloggess. I’d occasionally read her blog before but stumbled upon her book one dark Wednesday where I basically had a panic attack and left work early. The Hubs was home and whisked me off to Barnes & Noble where we I had and iced chai and browsed the anxiety books. I grabbed a book there (which I never actually read) and then headed over to the comedy section where I found this:


That night, lying in bed, I sniggled for the first time in more than a month. (Okay, so Dictionary.com tells me that “sniggled” means to fish for eels. Who knew? I’m using it as a portmanteau of “snort” and “giggled”. There were no eels in my bedroom. At least not that I know of.) I sniggled so loudly The Hubs came and checked on me.

Although if I ever do fish for eels I'm totally holding it like a rifle like this badass. SOURCE: http://www.gofishing.co.uk/
Although if I ever do fish for eels I’m totally holding it like a rifle like this badass. SOURCE: http://www.gofishing.co.uk/

This book is crazy, irreverent, hilarious and incredibly uplifting. Jenny Lawson is this flawed everywoman antihero. She has a way of explaining the absurdities of life in an incredibly charming, accessible way. I think anyone who has, at one time or another, ever felt like they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning can relate to her offbeat humor. The only caveat would be that there is some foul language so if that isn’t your thing, avoid this book.

Spring and summer were much easier on me, but when I would have a day where I just didn’t feel right I’d pop over to TheBloggess.com and Jenny’s humor would cheer me up. It’s amazing to me how a random person on the internet can have an impact on so many people. She really is an inspiration to so many. So imagine how excited I was when I saw she was putting out another book! I immediately went to Amazon.com and pre-ordered Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things. She even made a book trailer.

On her website, Jenny writes this about Furiously Happy:


I placed the order in July and I basically forgot about it until it arrived, so THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED and it was FABULOUS! Here I am, mimicking Rory the Raccoon:


I’m about 1/3 of the way through this book, and I was sniggling reading THE VERY FIRST PAGE. I’ve already recommended it to three people, and now I’m recommending it to you.

So thank you, Jenny Lawson. Thank you for being one of the few people who could make me laugh when laughter seemed like it would never come again (it always does). You don’t even know I exist, but you have impacted me for the better in so many ways. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Stay Furiously Happy!

8 thoughts on “Favorites Friday: Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess”

  1. You’re making me think. Food can be very soothing. Like alcohol might be for some people. And it is
    a protective layer we would have worked to put on when we hunted and gathered and found good supplies.
    Like eating well before we hibernated for the winter.

    I’ve never heard of the books before. Sound very interesting . . . . good winter reading for me sounds like.

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  2. I knew you suffered from depression/anxiety (as I do and have forever) but I didn’t know to what extent. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us. I love getting to know you better and all your triumphs, struggles. Hugs! I also read excerpts from both of your books mentioned and love ’em and will order them! You are one smart, sharp, cutie pie!

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    1. Aww, shucks, SM. 🙂 I consider myself lucky in that my struggles are not constant, but intermittent. The thing I’ve come to realize as of late is that SO MANY OF US have these issues, but few of us are willing to talk about it. I hope you like them! I literally cannot read them without giggling. It’s impossible. 🙂 Hugs!


  3. Sounds like those are great books! Not sure they’d be my thing necessarily, but everyone needs a good laugh sometimes… Plus winter is definitely a hard time for many people, and especially anyone living where it snows! I will have to write these down and add them to my winter reading list 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

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