RECIPE: “Cinnamon Roll” Pancakes w/ Strawberries

IMG_20150914_172813638_HDRI wish I could tell you I was back to running 5K and that the kinesio tape has fixed my foot problem, but I can’t. I’ve run twice since trying it, both times pain free, and I worked my way up to a mile, which is good. The bad news is that I hurt my back doing kettlebell windmills on Monday, so I’m off exercise until my silly back behaves! It stinks. So, instead of a foot update, you get a recipe! The ladies in walking group heard I would be making almond flour pancakes this week, and insisted I share the recipe, so here it is.

I found this recipe for almond flour pancakes online. I had purchased almond flour for a previous recipe and really wasn’t that sure what to do with it. I spent days researching recipes on Pinterest (almost all of which are desserts) and decided that breakfast for dinner would be the solution! I had all the ingredients already, but I didn’t want just every day pancakes and syrup. The cinnamon in the recipe inspired me to try a cinnamon roll flavor, so I picked up a package of cream cheese (full fat) at the store. And of course, one needs fruit with pancakes, so, strawberries!

The pancake recipe wasn’t exactly what I expected. Mine looked nothing like the original recipe’s photos. I changed nothing but ramping up the cinnamon, which of course would change the color, but my pancakes were SUPER THICK compared to the original recipe’s. The cinnamon wouldn’t have caused this, as cinnamon is hydrophobic, and thus wouldn’t have absorbed extra water. In the future I’ll TRIPLE the water. They did taste very good, but they were dense and somewhat mealy. Perhaps I could trade out two whole eggs for four egg whites, whip them, then fold them in to make them lighter and fluffier. (The original poster did recommend using club soda to fluff it up a bit.)

I warmed the cream cheese in the microwave for a minute so it would whip up a bit, and blended in a bit of sweetener and some vanilla. Lastly I sliced up some strawberries to throw on top.

IMG_20150914_171119903Results: I was disappointed in the texture and quantity of pancakes. This recipe made only seven thick, dense pancakes. I really think adding more water/using club soda/whipping egg whites would help. The serving size felt really small. I mean, who wants to eat only two pancakes? (They were pretty filling though, despite seeming like a small amount of food.)

IMG_20150914_172819709_HDRThe cinnamon also wasn’t terribly pronounced, despite me using a whole tablespoon. Maybe cinnamon oil next time? I did like that neither the pancakes nor the whipped cream cheese topping were terribly sweet. The sweetness of the strawberries made it plenty sweet. Will I try this recipe again? Maybe. I very rarely make recipes again unless it’s amazingly delicious. So, who knows. To make you feel amazing despite this mediocre response, here is a photo of Bingley, glowing in the sun:

IMG_20150914_083212855Will you try almond flour pancakes? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “RECIPE: “Cinnamon Roll” Pancakes w/ Strawberries”

  1. I wouldn’t try anything that uses only whites of eggs, but not the yolks. Mother always preached to me that
    something in the yolks balances the whites. She ate plenty of eggs and had good cholesterol numbers.
    So far, so do I, so I’m sticking with that. When recipes get this way (complicated,) I start to lose interest.
    Food should be as simple as possible. Eat it as close to natural as possible and then move onto more fun
    things, like whom you’re eating with with and bouncing the baby on your knee or talking to the dog. (All more

    Sorry about your back. Sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing by resting a bit from the exercise
    regime. Sit down, use the extra time to talk with Bing, and maybe have an egg – anyway you like ’em, but
    not separated !!! They’re full of protein which will keep you going for hours. And have those delicious
    strawberries on the side. Heal fast and well!


  2. I wouldn’t. I have many recipes for simple pancakes that I have never made (think 3 ingredient type). I’m not big on pancakes anymore unless they’re a specific kind and taste amazing. The recipe does sound good though so if I were into cooking more I probably would lol.

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