September Adventure Run – Winning Big!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, or you know me in real life, you know I kinda love Adventure Runs. Since I attended my first Adventure Run in May I’ve been totally hooked on this event. It’s FREE, family friendly, fun, and you get the chance to win fabulous prizes! And, uh… *cough* I’ve won my fair share of fabulous prizes. In five Adventure Runs, I’ve won six prizes. (Now if I could just win the gosh darned lottery that would be something!) This month was no exception!

IMG_20150910_181153567This was the first time I volunteered to join my friend Sharon in co-leading the walking group. I was a little nervous, but I was familiar enough with the area by now that I thought I wouldn’t have much of an issue giving people directions. Turns out Mother Nature decided that I didn’t need to worry about that, because we had rain. Lots and lots of rain. However, instead of canceling the Adventure Run, Amanda, the coordinator (whom it turns out I graduated HIGH SCHOOL WITH, small world!), decided to have a few close checkpoints outside with the rest indoors. The actual runners had 2 checkpoints about 2 miles away, and we walkers hit the 3 checkpoints close by. Those who didn’t want to venture out into the rain got to compete in contests right inside the Road Runner store. There was also free pizza and BEER! (Okay, I don’t really drink but the pizza was delicious!) The turnout was awesome considering the weather, and the mood was festive as usual.

The sponsors had some great things we could do for extra tickets, like dressing up as superheroes or wearing a foam finger. There were a lot of laughs to be had, and the mood was not dampened at all!

Finally it was time for the prize drawing! People were squished together all over the floor like sardines, their tickets spread out before them. It didn’t take long before my now famous luck struck and I won a $25 gift card to Zinburger, a local wine and burger joint. I was sitting pretty, happy with my win, cheering others on as prize after prize was handed out to smiling faces. Sharon got lucky, too, and won a pair of free shoes!

IMG_20150911_175100322So imagine my surprise when another free pair of shoes (specifically Asics, that evening’s sponsor) was up for the drawing and my ticket was called! WOO HOO, FREE SHOES!!!!! Sharon and I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with our envelopes:


Yes, I know I just bought a pair of Sauconys from Road Runner not 2 months ago, and I love them, but free stuff is so exciting, especially when it’s something you always need, like running shoes. I’m sure the Asics will be amazing. I’m hoping I can snag a pair of the new Gel-Quantum 360s in this awesome orange:

IMG Source
IMG Source

Sadly, October is the last Adventure Run of the year, but I will definitely be coming back next year because they’re so much fun, winning or not! See the smile on my face?


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