The Benefits of Bingley (Or, More Specifically, Having Bingley At Work)

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I was at my current job (I’m a bookkeeper for a family-owned jewelry store) for less than a year when I mentioned I wanted a dog. Instead of saying “oh, that’s nice,” my boss said “AWESOME! Maybe I’ll get a dog, too and you can bring yours to work and I can bring mine to work and they will be BEST FRIENDS!” (Okay it was almost 5 years ago so I may have taken some liberties with the words, but trust me, he was totally cool with me bringing my dog to work.)

I swear to you this was 2010 and not 1978, despite my in-laws clothes.
I swear to you this was 2010 and not 1978, despite my in-laws clothes.

So for Christmas that year, my mom gave me and The Hubs the best Christmas present ever, Bingley. He was just a little scrub back then, weighing a mere 8 pounds, but he was much bigger than that to our hearts! My boss had also gotten himself a little fuzzball for Christmas, a little mixed breed from a shelter whose name was Baby Theodore. Teddy and Bingley quickly became friends.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to bring Bing to work with me almost every day since we got him, and it’s been very helpful to both of us! For starters, if I get stressed, I can hug him and I feel better. This is part of our daily route. He also keeps me from buying coffee from Saxby’s daily!

Taking him for a walk keeps me from sitting on my butt all day and gets me some sunshine. I get to stretch my legs and view the pretty little town where I work.

Isn't this ADORABLE?
Isn’t this ADORABLE?

My boss loves Bingley and refers to him as his “nephew”. Josh loves Bingley (particularly feeding him apple slices, despite his griping about it). Tom the watchmaker loves Bingley as does the woman who works in the showroom most days. Most of the customers love seeing dogs at work, and it’s a great ice breaker at times. He even works with me when I’m out in the showroom, as you can see from his little photobomb in this photo:

Do you see him?
Do you see him?

And he is a little gentleman and relaxes on his pillow under the register.

IMG_20150904_181553I also get the express pleasure of dressing him up in some of the more unusual jewelry pieces.

What up, dog?
What up, dog?

Bingley benefits from it, too! He doesn’t have to stay home by himself all day, gets plenty of dog/human socialization, gets exercise, and gets some nice 10-minute walks throughout the day. Plus he gets to spend the entire day with his favorite human, me!

Plus by the time we get home, he's pooped!
Plus by the time we get home, he’s pooped!

He likes it so much, he gets grumpy if I’m running late getting ready.

"Woman, what's taking you so long? Grab my car treat and let's hustle!"
“Woman, what’s taking you so long? Grab my car treat and let’s hustle!”

Are you lucky enough to bring your dog to work?

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Bingley (Or, More Specifically, Having Bingley At Work)”

  1. Oh, such a cutie Mr. B is! You are a lucky chicko, SD! I love your pics and LOVE that black dress/belt combo, looks smashing!


  2. Oh this was the Bingley Blog I’ve been waiting for! He is toooooo precious for words. That What up Dog picture is the best! 🙂 As you know Vivi and I spend all day every day together as well. We are very lucky!


  3. You know, this post has me thinking that everyone (for whom it would be possible) should be able
    to bring their dog to work. I think the world would be a better place. We’d remember to slow down.
    We’d have better health (from extra love and a few short walks each day.) It’s the same reason
    that workplaces should all have early child care next to them at the workplace too. Perhaps we should
    start a movement . . . . . ?


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