Episode 405 of America’s Test Kitchen Radio: Quack Diets


http://www.diet.com/g/quackeryI love podcasts. They keep me company a lot of the time, a comforting voice in my ear while I’m slogging through a list of mundane tasks. And sometimes, they are educational, like America’s Test Kitchen Radio.

I love America’s Test Kitchen (unfortunately you need to pay or get a free trial to see the site), despite the show occasionally sounding a bit pretentious, or some of their advice making me a little angry. (Hey, we’re not going to answer your question, we’re going to suggest you make a different recipe, instead!)

But a recent episode recent struck me. Quack diets.

You’ve heard me rant about these sorts of things before, so I won’t rehash. But if you want to listen to an interesting take on the science (or lack thereof) behind some of the most famous quack diets, you might want to take a listen to to episode 45 of America’s Test Kitchen Radio. You can find it below, without the need to register:


I paraphrased this from the podcast: “We need daily use of our feet, forks, fingers, good sleep, reduced stress and love.”

Hope you give it a listen!


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