The Importance of Rest

I am still recovering from the mud run.

It sounds silly, really: it’s been more than 2 weeks, but in that time, by body has revolted in various ways. First came the scrapes and bruises, the tiredness. The day after, I rested, attending a very, very small Renaissance faire. But the Monday after? I dove right back into my regular workout routine. Thursday, I felt worse: I felt like I’d overextended my neck, and there was stiffness and soreness. I treated it with heat and ibuprofen, but I still got terrible tension headaches. I rested as much as I could, kept up with the heat and ibuprofen. Kept active over the weekend. It got better, slowly, but I still suffered.

The following Monday I did my Wednesday workout. It was not kind to my neck/shoulder issue, but it was a minor setback, and it wasn’t worse than before. I skipped abs on Tuesday since I thought it wouldn’t be good for my neck, and wasn’t sleeping well. Wednesday night I did my Intermediate workout. It’s now Sunday and I’m STILL sore from that, so I must have done it right. I’m healing, slowly. I walked more than 5 miles today, and tomorrow The Hubs and I are going down the shore to Ocean City, NJ (where I will, for the first time as an adult, wear a bikini… I’m terrified!) so there will be a lot of walking there, too.

Tuesday morning is the X-ray for my foot, and I’ve been banned from running until we figure out what’s wrong or not, but he’s pretty convinced it’s not one of these:
Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Which is good!

Also, my knee on the same side has been flaring with arthritis for the last week or so. It feels fine when I stay moving or working out, so I know walking is okay.

And so I REST. Here is a very good article on why rest is important:

Starting Tuesday I will try to get back on the horse and have a regular workout day, doing abs, and try to finish out my week with my normal workout schedule, plus the Adventure Run on Thursday, but if I feel I still need to rest, I will.

Expect more snackage and an update on that foot soon!

6 thoughts on “The Importance of Rest”

  1. Have fun in Ocean City!! I’m sorry it’s been taking your body such a long time to recover from the workout you gave it during the Mud Run! That was an extreme situation you went through, more so than your controlled workouts. Rest is good! Keep us posted on the foot!


  2. Take as long as you need SD! We’ll still be here and you will be ready to go again in no time. I will send good vibes to your foot!

    S Mama


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