Welcome, August, the Month of Homemade Snackage PLUS Low Cal Homemade Iced Mocha

Phew. August is flippin’ here, people! Can you believe it? My July was a bit crazy. I slacked off on food a bit, I couldn’t run, and there was this general sense that I was being super lazy. I hope to remedy that in August! Here are my goals for August, and with that, a hint of what’s to come here at A Measured Life!

14a6ebbea74eeefa156dfaea1771b5ef– A month of homemade snacks – Creamsicle Yogurt Pops, Homemade Pudding Pops, Pumpkin Pie Dip, Turkey Roll Ups, Cucumber Hummus Rollups, copycat Sargento Balanced Breaks, since I can’t get them for practically nothing anymore. YES I will share recipes!

If I'm lucky I'll get pink ones!
If I’m lucky I’ll get pink ones!

– Buying new running shoes – I ruined mine at the mud run, but they were pretty much dead anyway, and were probably what caused my foot to hurt. I’m going to hit up the Road Runner Sports where the Adventure Run is held and get sized and everything, since they have a 90-day return policy on all the shoes! Josh has mentioned not one but TWO 5Ks he wants to do in the fall, one in October and one in November, and there may or may not be a third one somewhere in there.

– Get back to running so I don’t die during previously mentioned 5ks.

– Regrowing my fingernails – I MISS THEM. I cut them before the mud run, and it was a very good idea. They used to look like this:

IMG_20150722_182643302And now, sadly, they look like this:

IMG_20150801_113236899Boo. I has a sad.

– Renaissance Faire costume! I got a great deal on a corset. I wanted to get an overbust, because it *cough* enhances my chest region pretty nicely, but those START at $200, and I am not very good at spending that kind of money on a single item I might wear twice a year. I spent less than half of that on this one, and decided that since I’m starting to get some definition above the knee (specifically my vastus medialus, which is a teardrop shaped hunk of muscle that helps keep your kneecaps in their patellar groove, so it’s GROOVY, BABY, yeah) that I’d make myself a skirt! I saw a pretty awesomely colored goatskin for a reasonable price, so I picked that up, too. Here’s a preview:

I also got some black leather boots that come to mid-calf and look like this:

Image courtesy of Zappos.com.
Image courtesy of Zappos.com.

– Get a flipping haircut! Seriously! It’s just one of those things I keep putting for no real reason than I always seem to have something to do on Mondays when my favorite stylist is in the shop. My hair is starting to get really long and unruly. I don’t plan on chopping it all off, but getting it relayered.

Anyhoo, July was super duper hot here. Many days in the 90s. It makes a gal crave iced coffee! (Amirite?) So, for a while I had been pouring the leftover dregs of coffee from the pot in the morning into an ice cube tray and throwing it in the freezer. Those coffee ice cubes came in handy! The other day I really wanted a mocha, so I hauled those babies out of the freezer and made myself an iced mocha!

Click through the photos to get the “recipe” but it’s pretty self explanatory. Less than 100 calories in this giant cup, and super refreshing on a hot day. Not shown: me enjoying it’s maximum deliciosity. However, I do have a pic of me smiling at a stoplight. I’m a weirdo.

I got those earrings at the West Orange Renaissance Faire!
I got those earrings at the West Orange Renaissance Faire!

So those are my plans for August. What are YOUR plans?

Also, superfluous Bingley snuggling!



9 thoughts on “Welcome, August, the Month of Homemade Snackage PLUS Low Cal Homemade Iced Mocha”

  1. You have long, tapered limbs and fingers and I think your nails look fabulous either way. The corset
    is killer; killer, I say. Beautiful. And the skirt should be fabulous too. What fun! It is still horribly hot
    in the south and I’m just hoping to finally get my 3 upstairs room FINISHED by the painters. Then
    I will have the only icing I should ever enjoy . . . . moving things (less things, hopefully) back into the
    rooms with some new touches. Icing on the cake. (Unfortunately, I still like real cake and icing
    too, but for August I’m going to concentrate on drinking more and more water. Easy to do in the heat,
    no?) Hoping to see you and hubs this year or early next! Good luck and great fun with all your August

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your outfit for the Ren Faire looks amazing!! Love the pink shoes!! I just got new sneakers from Fleet Feet in Montclair. I love them because they’re local, and because they also measure your feet every time you go in. Love them! Even when I learn I now wear a larger size shoe!! Yummm…mocha coffee. Is good stuff!!


  3. The boots are fab, Bingley is adorable, and your spirit of making/creating is pure awesome! I am totally copying you & making coffee cubes…ummmmm, what a game changer! August holds some travel to see family that I have been missing for some time, and August is all about ACCOUNTABILITY for me! Sweating for this semi-oldie in spite of the blazing temps annnnnnd not thinking I can out run my fork. I also need to revisit my creative side…that is a huge piece of my being happy puzzle.


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