The Beauty of Summer Produce

It’s the height of summer in New Jersey, and they don’t call it the garden state for nothing: we are experiencing a bounty of amazing fruits and vegetables in our fine state.

It’s BLUEBERRY SEASON! Look at these fat little puppies:


Other than eating them, I recently made a salad topped with fresh blueberries and with a blueberry vinaigrette…


AND I made JAM! (Uhm, pour a tablespoon of this on top of some vanilla ice cream? Heaven.)

IMG_20150721_084617557_HDRIt’s also the season for Jersey Peaches. I am religious about purchasing my peaches from a particular stand about 30 minutes from me, down in the center of Southern New Jersey. No I won’t tell you where it is, but I will tell you that they hire the sweetest girls to work there, I never have a rude employee. The peaches are so perfect that a single bite causes juice to cascade down your chin, and they have the perfect balance of sweet and tart behind that mildly fuzzy exterior. My favorite way to eat fresh peaches? Halved and broiled, then served with pork chops and a salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Yum! But peaches are also one of my favorite fruits to can, because they can so well! (They also make delicious jam.)

IMG_20150724_071135105Also on deck, fresh Jersey corn! What’s your favorite summer produce?

5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Summer Produce”

  1. Summer produce ALMOST makes up for the wimpier stuff we have to eat during the winter. Love, LoVe off the vine tomatoes, sweet corn, and watermelon! Annnnnnd, at the moment I am craving one of your peaches…

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  2. Blueberries, Jersey peaches, and Jersey tomatoes off the vine. I have to say though, that I dearly miss the corn my parents grew on the farm. They grew all yellow sweet corn, “Golden King” I think it’s name was. All I seem to be able to find around me is bi-colour, which will do in a pinch, but it really doesn’t taste the same.


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