C25K Week 8 – Take 1

Image Courtesy of http://weight.sdghealth.com/couch_to_5k_weight_loss_success_stories.html
Image Courtesy of http://weight.sdghealth.com/couch_to_5k_weight_loss_success_stories.html

Murphy’s Law struck gold with my running this week! It seems as if everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but I ran.

W8D1 – 28 minutes solid run. I did this on a Thursday morning. The actual running was fine. I got close to the end and my brain starting going “shouldn’t I be done by now? I’m almost home.” So I pulled my phone out of my nifty running belt to check. Wouldn’t ya know it, the C25K app had crashed. So I checked the Map My Run app and I had run for a solid 30 minutes! I count it as a success but I was sort of annoyed it didn’t record in C25K. My pacing was 11:36 according to Map My Run, which I am very happy with.

W8D2 – 28 minutes solid run. Josh and I had decided to switch our Saturday afternoon run to Friday evening. It’s cooler and less sunny, but I had done my usual kettlebell workout that morning and had a full day of work. We decided to wing it and run as long as I could, and walk a little as needed. With Josh running behind me and going downhill, our first mile was 11:20! This is much faster than I usually run solo, which may have contributed to my need to walk after the halfway point. Overall though, our paces was 11:49 over 2.41 miles, which wasn’t too bad considering we walked some. We got a nice sprinkling of rain afterwards to cool us off.

IMG_20150619_181627115 Sprints – Saturday we went to a local high school and did 100 yard sprints between the goalposts at the football field. What a totally different feeling than sustained pacing! I enjoyed it though, and would like to do it again. Afterwards we did stair running in the bleachers, then goofed off on the monkey bars, where I injured myself! (Leave it to me to not hurt myself slinging iron around my living room but cut my hand open on stupid monkey bars.)

The only thing I had in my car to stop the blood was a tampon. For serious.

Sunday was a rest day for me, which is good because my quads were SCREAMING at me. It had to be the sprints and stairs.

Monday I did my brand new Intermediate Kettlebell Workout. Uhm. Yeah. Squats and lunges. Lots of them! By Monday afternoon walking down stairs was a little painful.

W8D3 – 30 minutes solid of epic faildom. It was super humid this morning, my quads and hips were still sore, and my heart just wasn’t in it! I finished the 30 minutes, but I took a lot of walk breaks. My pacing was a lousy 12:49 over 2.46 miles. Ewww. No pic of myself for this. Too tired. Too much fail. Here’s a pic of Bingley looking like I feel.

IMG_20150622_120426134I’m sure my DOMS will lighten up a bit, and I have a doctor’s appointment for a standard checkup Thursday morning so I’ll need to skip my morning run and take a rest day. The air conditioning isn’t working at work, so I’m sure the heat won’t help me feel particularly energized, but I’m hoping as my body adjusts to my new routine the running will get back to normal, because I’m THIS CLOSE to running a real 5k! Next up is to work on doing obstacles for the mud run. I think I’m going to invest in a good pair of grippy gardening gloves to wear to help me pull myself up over stuff.

I’m going to repeat week 8 again and see how it goes. It’s only going to get hotter around here over the next month or so, so I may need to get up earlier. We’ll see.

How’s YOUR week going?


4 thoughts on “C25K Week 8 – Take 1”

  1. Oh man, DOMS is the absolute WORST. Seriously, while I religiously work out there are still times when I am struck down and hobble along in misery. Recently I tried Jessica Smith’s 20 minute recovery routine…it was specifically designed to help alleviate some of the soreness associated with DOMS. I have done this routine several times, and it actually helps. Just a thought…carry on Super Woman, you RoCk!


  2. Thank you for asking! My sciatica, on my right side makes me cry when I get out of bed in the morning. Ugly cry. My left knee is giving me fits. Good news: My eyes are in great shape! My optic nerves, retinas, and eye bp are all good, and my prescription changed very little, but I’m getting new glasses (for distance) anyway because my old ones are beat all to hell. Oh, and I have to have Mohs surgery to remove a growth on my left calf. So – that’s MY week. *sigh* Could be worse, ya know. It’ll get better!!

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