Different Shorts for Different Sports or How I Learned That Workout Clothes Are Not a Waste of Money

He actually makes me buy most of them.
He actually makes me buy most of them.

If you’d asked me a year ago if I would have more sports bras than regular bras and a pair of workout shorts for every day of the week (and still feel like I need a few more pairs) I would have said you were crazy. (I also wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I’d be running 30 minutes solid or even that I’d be running at all.) I would DEFINITELY have not believed you if you told me I’d be wearing neon yellow shorts in public. But in the last 2 months I’ve learned a ton about what works for me in terms of kettlebell workout clothes versus running clothes versus yoga clothes.


Shorts/pants need to be cut close to the body. Loose shorts just get in the way when you pass the bell from hand to hand during lunges. Shirts can be loose, but too loose shirts can also get in the way when passing the kettlebell around the body. It can be very dangerous when you pass 30 lbs of solid iron underneath a leg and grab both the handle and your shorts. Losing your grip on a bell can cause broken objects or worse, broken bones. So keep it close to the skin. Also, gloves are a necessity in my opinion, to help maintain grip, but some would argue that they aren’t.

My favorite outfit: Slimfit cotton shorts with a drawstring waist and a sports bra. No socks, no shoes.


IMG_20150611_065523104Running clothes definitely need to be less snug than kettlebell clothes, but I find that the longer the shorts/pants are the more snug I like them. I don’t think I would like fabric flapping around my ankles when I was running. And I’ve definitely found that shorts length makes a difference when the weather is warmer. I have one pair of running shorts that’s just a hair shorter than I’d like, and this causes some thigh rubbing when it’s hot. They work better when it’s cooler or less humid. As for tops, I’ve worn everything from a baggy oversized tee shirt to a snug cotton tank to a long sleeved tee in cooler weather. It all works fine. I definitely prefer a more snug tank in hotter weather. Color here is important, though: when running on roadways or in dim light, brighter colors make you more visible to passing cars.

My favorite outfit: obnoxious neon yellow shorts and a skull tank top over a sports bra with my neon watermelon running belt. Good running shoes and cushy socks are a necessity. I also wear metatarsal support gel pads.


We all know yoga pants. It seems they’re more of a fashion statement than anything else these days, but I never really thought much of what sorts of tops to wear while doing yoga. Super baggy tee shirts? They’re a TERRIBLE IDEA, even if you’re just doing yoga in your living room. Not only will you flash everyone, but during downward dog that extra fabric WILL try to suffocate you, which is totally the worst way to find inner peace.

My favorite outfit: Slimfit cotton shorts with a drawstring waist and a stretchy tank. No bra. Because, come on, it’s yoga. Isn’t the point to feel a little free? I don’t actually have any photos of myself in yoga gear, but I like this one!


So yes, you need different clothes for different workouts. If you’ve been following me here for a while you’ll know I hunt thrift stores and clearance sales for workout clothes. (I will buy almost any item of clothing from a thrift store save underwear, socks and shoes, because why not?) This has saved me a fortune I’m sure!

What are your favorite workout clothes?

On deck for next week: My homemade kettlebell workout, chocolate covered strawberry protein bars, the last week of C25K!

11 thoughts on “Different Shorts for Different Sports or How I Learned That Workout Clothes Are Not a Waste of Money”

  1. I will still wear my baggy ass t-shirts for yoga. Or just about whatever is handy. Except…I have this one pair of “yoga” capris that barely stay up when I’m walking, so they are a no-no. (Lesson in this: do not buy workout gear at the grocery store. Lol)
    But, I will keep my sports bra, thank you very much. I am cool with using my shirt to imitate a turtle. I am not cool with suffocating on my own boobs. ๐Ÿ™‚
    On the other hand, I have been known to jog in an ahh bra just because I was too lazy to change into a sports bra. Lol. Bells and jogging I will literally wear just about anything for. But, I am not hardcore like you. If I was going for an all out run, I would have some very specific needs, but for light jogging, who cares? Whatever I have on when my brain says ‘jogging time’ is probably what I’ll still be wearing when I’m done. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Lol. Just saying. Those are really my only workout attire requirements. 1) non-wired sports bra.(bony ribcage means wired ones hurt like hell when I’m on my back. I will wear a wired on for cardio or weight training if I must.) 2) pants/shorts that I don’t have to pull up. Just about everything else is negotiable. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I have “outfits” that I bought; same style, 2 different colors. They are “snug”, but not tight, just right for riding a recumbent bike, or working out on equipment, if I’ll ever be allowed to again. That is taking a long time, unfortunately. For walking, I wear the same pants, but a looser shirt. The athletic shoe store in Montclair sells these amazing socks! They’re cushioney in all the right spot on your foot, but don’t seem to take up any extra room in your shoe! I have about 7 pairs of them. Costco, Sams Club, BJ’s, TJMaxx and Marshalls are all great places to buy sports bras on the cheap.


  3. I learned I need a certain kind of clothing for yoga. My preference is yoga-pants-capris, basically stretchy, comfy capris. The shirt is the most important part though. I learned what you did — if you wear a baggy shirt, you will flash the world. Likewise, I don’t feel comfortable in something form fitting. So I struggle to find shirts exactly in the sweet spot. Loose enough to be comfy, but not baggy enough to flash everyone. They’re hard to find, since sizes are so inconsistent!

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  4. I wear yoga capris and a cotton tank for just about any workout. The key for me is a good sports bra! I love that you used the pic of Adriene! She’s my fav! I tried out a company called Fabletics (Wrote a review blog too) and I’m super happy with the workout clothes I got from them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Favorite workout clothes: under armour anything pretty much. Ha! I’m so brand loyal! I have mostly Capris, but am venturing into short world. I just hate when I feel like my butt cheek is peeking out with each stride…and let’s be honest, running shorts are, well, SHORT.


  6. Reblogged this on A Measured Life and commented:

    Hey everyone! I’m still driving home from Chicago today but I thought I’d share this blog entry from last summer because it’s still relevant! When I arrived in Chicago I soon realized that while I had brought plenty of workout clothes, I didn’t bring any extra tops with me! I had just enough ‘normal’ shirts to make it home (if I didn’t spill any food on myself and need to change) but I totally have those obnoxious neon yellow shorts and skull tank top from this blog entry. I guess no one at the rest stops on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will really care!

    I hope to have new, fresh content to you on Thursday so keep your eyes peeled!

    โค Andrea


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