C25K Week 3 – Just the Motivation I Needed

Image Courtesy of http://weight.sdghealth.com/couch_to_5k_weight_loss_success_stories.html
Image Courtesy of http://weight.sdghealth.com/couch_to_5k_weight_loss_success_stories.html

Week 3 of C25K went relatively smoothly, so I don’t really have much to say about Day 1 and 2. The runs this week were:

  1. Brisk 5-minute warm up walk
  2. Run 90 seconds
  3. Walk 90 seconds
  4. Run 3 minutes
  5. Walk 3 minutes
  6. Run 90 seconds
  7. Walk 90 seconds
  8. Run 3 minutes
  9. Walk 3 minutes
  10. 5-minute cooldown

I was concerned about the sudden doubling of the run times at first, but Day 1 convinced me that it really wasn’t much of a problem for me. I pulled out an old “jogging” mix on Spotify and it really helped pull me through the longer runs.

Day 3 was more difficult. I’d spent the morning wracked with anxiety and then nausea (related? I don’t know), and considered calling out from work, but ultimately decided that I would feel better being around other people as opposed to sitting at home alone in my apartment. This turned out to be the right choice, but I still felt kind of tired and out of sorts all day. I left work around 3 as is my usual on Saturdays, fully intending to do Day 3 when I came home. By the time my 20 minute commute was over, I’d talked myself out of it. I told the Hubs I wasn’t going. He was fine with it. But there was a package waiting for me when I got home. One that I wasn’t expecting.



My good friend Cat sent me an early birthday present in the form of a KETTLEBELL MUG! Dude. Two things I love: coffee and kettlebells! I almost cried when I saw it, and I immediately grabbed my headphones and turned on the C25K app. As I started my warmup it began to rain a little, but I just kept going. I finished with a smile. (Apologies to those who already read about this on my personal SparkPeople blog or saw it on my Facebook page!)

Thanks for all the comments on last week’s C25K blog. Josh’s knee is improving but he told me to continue on without him.

Next week I have to alternate 3-minute jobs and 5-minute jogs, and it’s supposed to be HOT early in the week.

Runners – any suggestions on what to eat beforehand? I’m looking for regular old foods and not processed supplements. I do have zero carb whey protein. Before my kettlebell workouts I usually eat half an ounce of peanuts and some dried fruit or chocolate chips, about 150 cals worth an hour before. Would that work? Thanks!


3 thoughts on “C25K Week 3 – Just the Motivation I Needed”

  1. I usually go with a quick hit of carbs, but nothing too heavy. If I’m doing a hard but shorter run (tempo, hills), I usually go for a granola bar with nuts and fruit or something similar (home made if possible). Before long runs, I do a cup of oatmeal with a full banana and coconut. I also like honey stinger gummies for during long runs, because they’re easy to digest and eat as you’re running.

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