A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m generally pretty fickle when it comes to products, trying new things as often as I can. Variety is the spice of life, no? However, there are a few things I’ve tried and truly stuck with over time. Here are a few of them!

Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

pb2I’ll admit, when I first heard about powdered peanut butter, I was skeptical. I tried it the traditional way, and was unmoved. It just wasn’t as satisfying to me as regular Skippy Creamy, my go-to peanut butter. But after trying it other ways, I discovered just how amazing this stuff is! You can use it as is in smoothies, roll bananas in it, or use it as a topping on ice cream (my favorite way). I’ve stirred it into oatmeal, put it on yogurt, used it in homemade protein bars, and even just whisked it into skim milk for a delicious drink.

You can get PB2 at many grocery stores, as well as Target, Walmart and Amazon.com.

Remington Simple Twist

It’s a piece of WIRE. It’s coated in something. (Whatever the material is they use to coat bobby pins, I’m guessing.) IT HOLDS MY HAIR. I do kettlebells, yoga and now, running, and it HOLDS MY HAIR. Better than an elastic. I got mine on a whim at Target. It came 2 in a pack for just under $6. I use it every day, because I love how easy it is to get my hair up and out of the way, and then how easy it is to let it down when I’m done. Plus, IT HOLDS MY HAIR. Need I say more?

Clorox Greenworks All Purpose Cleaner

CloroxGreenWorksI can’t even remember why I bought this stuff in the first place, I’ve been using it so long. First off, this  cleaner is 98% naturally derived, and while I like the sound of that, what I really love about it are two things: it has a gentle, pleasant scent, and IT WORKS. I’ve used various all purpose cleaners over the years and honestly this stuff works better than all of them.  It’s also budget friendly at around $3 a bottle, which you know I love!

So what are some of YOUR favorite things, things that you’ve used consistently over time?

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Thanks all!

7 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. I love PB2 also! Some of my other favorite things are:

    Mr Clean Magic Erasers. They still simply amaze me.
    My Ninja blender. Why did I wait so long to buy that thing? I use it for soups, salsa, smoothies, and now I’m making Almond Milk. It just blended my unsweetened cocoa in my Almond Milk which I can never truly blend by hand.
    JR Watkins Lemon hand soap. I think it’s the scent but I love that stuff.
    Ezekiel bread and tortillas. I like the taste and they are a low glycemic food because they are made from sprouted wheat. Two wins.
    My Fitbit. I’m addicted to it.

    I’m sure there are many more but these are what came to mind immediately.

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    1. I also love the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! They’re amazing! And of course I love my FitBit 🙂 I don’t own a Ninja but I have something else I use frequently that I may blog about later 🙂


    2. I love magic erasers too. I started buying the target brand to save money but they really don’t hold up as well. I have a love/hate relationship with my fitbit. And this PB2 I’ve been hearing so much about! I’m getting some today.


      1. I hope you love PB2! I buy the store brand magic erasers as well. I have horrible white countertops in my apartment kitchen and they take ALL the stains out.


  2. White vinegar! Amazing stuff to ALWAYS have on hand for cleaning just about anything.
    BIZ laundry detergent. It’s the ONLY thing that gets stains out of vintage fabrics without ruining the fabric itself (vintage linens, hankies, and towels), plus it’s a great current stain buster, better than Chlorox 2 or Oxy, IMHO.
    I also like PB2 🙂
    Swiffer Duster. I keep them on hand for light cleaning. They do a great job!


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