Friday’s Kettlebell Workout – Fitness Blender’s Kettlebell Til You Drop

Heeeeeey, it’s Friday!!! Do you know what that means? It means it’s BELLS DAY!!! (As an aside, I really hope to have something new and exciting to show you regarding bells soon, keep your eyes peeled.)

On Fridays I do Fitness Blender’s Kettlebell ’til you Drop video, which includes a warmup and a cooldown in a 40 minute video. I have NOT mastered this video yet. It’s NOT easy. Here’s the list of exercises:

KB Swing
KB Full Swing
KB Single Arm Swing, alternating
KB Rack (L & R)
KB Bottom Up Rack and Hold (L & R)
KB Squat and Press (L & R)
KB Halos (clockwise and counterclockwise)
Lunge with Single Arm Swing (L & R) [This is seriously difficult]
Lunge w/ twist, alternating
KB Straight leg Dead Lift (single leg)
Turkish Get Up (L and R) [probably the most complicated]
KB Pull Over (L and R)
KB Hammer Curl (bottom up position) [I use 10-lb handweights because I don’t have a light enough bell for this]
Overhead Tricep Extension
KB Side Crunch (L and R)
KB Toe Touch crunch [for some reason, I really love this one]
KB Russian Twist
KB Back Bow (bottom Up)

So, I’ve been trying to work on my squat forms, because I’m terrible at them. I got some advice from the Better Body Facebook Group (it’s a closed group so you’ll need to join to see stuff) to imagine spreading the earth with your feet, and it works! It helps me keep my heels on the floor while squatting. My form is still pretty crappy, but I’m working on it. Lunges too, I need to work on getting lower. With this workout, focusing on form is incredibly important (okay, let’s be honest, kettlebell workouts should ALWAYS focus on form, because you can seriously injure yourself if you’re not careful), so go SLOW if you need to. When I need to work on form, I stand in front of my full length mirror to watch myself do the moves, which helps.

I do not do abs after this workout, because it includes several ab-related exercises, like the Russian twist and the side crunch.

So what do you think? Do you use Fitness Blender for anything? Will you give this video a shot? Let me know in the comments!

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