Wednesday’s Kettlebell Workout – The Circuit

Back sweat, baby!
Back sweat, baby!

This workout was provided to me by a SparkFriend in early September, and I spent at least a week being downright afraid of it. I was still doing the 8-minute video I started out with, so the idea of doing such an intense workout that was three times the length was seriously intimidating. But after a little encouragement, I gave it a shot. Never before had I had sweat drip down my shins. MY SHINS! It was hard, but doable and ridiculously satisfying.

The whole shebang takes about 30 minutes. You do each move for 1 minute, then move onto the next. I have an app on my phone that let’s me have 8 1-minute timers with a 5-second timer in between for changing positions. You don’t want to leave too much time between each move or your heart rate will drop and you’ll lose the cardio benefit. Once you finish the first round, then you can take a 2-3 minute break. Repeat twice for a total of 3 rounds.

1. 2-Handed Swing

2. 1-Arm Swings (per side, 24 total)*

3. High Elbows

4. Toe Touches/Windmills (switch sides each round)

5. Squat Press

6. Sumo Dead Lifts

7. Clean and Press (switch sides each round)

8. Figure 8s

I started doing this workout three days a week, and now I do it on Wednesdays. It’s my shortest workout, so perfect for hump day. This workout is pretty intense, due to its timed nature, but you can start with low, slow reps at the beginning until you get the hang of it, then build up your speed and intensity as you master the moves. I always do a quick ab circuit after this one, which I’ll detail at a later date. If you try this workout, let me know how it goes!

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