Recipe Adaptation: Farmhouse Chicken in Vinegar Sauce

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So my girl Cat over at has been scoping out French recipes lately. I’m not that interested in French food, for the most part. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Beouf Bourgingon or Coq au Vin, even if you don’t know how to spell and/or pronounce them?! But I don’t usually choose to go out for French food or crave French cuisine. But I was wasting time on Twitter the other day (if it’s not Twitter, it’s Pinterest), and came across an article about Alsatian recipes on Saveur, and sent it to Cat, but I also saw a recipe that sounded pretty darn delicious. Farmhouse Chicken in Vinegar Sauce.

This one was a lot easier than the Pork and Cider Stew. All I really did was use chicken leg quarters instead of a whole chicken (this was more a budget choice than nutritional) and I removed the skin before browning. I cut the olive oil from 2 tablespoons to 1. I cut out 2 tablespoons of butter. I realized that two more tablespoons of butter are basically poured out of the pan after browning the chicken, which helps cut more calories! I reduced the amount of vinegar and wine by ¼ cup each, just because The Hubs is not a fan of a lot of sauce, and I cut the garlic to even it out. And I used onions instead of shallots because shallots are on the list of things I don’t spend the money on. ONIONS ARE FINE, PEOPLE.

This recipe was delicious. To be totally honest, it probably didn’t need both tablespoons of butter swirled in at the end, but since it fit in the calorie budget, I didn’t worry about it too much! And uh, as usual, I totally forgot about adding the parsley at the last minute, because, well, because I almost always forget last minute herbs. It didn’t need it! I served this with roasted butternut squash, and the extra sauce tasted amazing with the squash. The sauce was not too buttery, not too tart, and had tons of flavor. The hubs finished his meal before I did, which is always a good sign.
Googling “sad parsley” is hilarious, you should do it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So, onto the details!






If you use SparkPeople, you can find the recipe here on

I’m currently visiting my mom in Richmond, VA, so apologies for the late post and Monday’s might be a bit late also, but I’m not blog-fading, I promise you.


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  1. Not sure why, but a “sad basil” google image search seems to turn up various despondent anthropomorphic mice. Recipe sound delicious.

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