My Snack Drawer

I like to follow the Boy Scout Motto: Always Be Prepared.
I like to follow the Boy Scout Motto: Always Be Prepared.

Snacks are a really important part of my day. I try to keep a large number of healthy snacks available in my desk drawer in case I get a case of the hungries. Here are a few:

  • Dark Chocolate Chips – Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet
  • Dry Roasted Almonds – Emerald 100 Calorie Pack Almonds
  • Peanuts – Cocoa, Dry-Roasted or Cocktail (NOT Honey Roasted)
  • Dried Fruit – Cherries, Craisins, Prunes, Dates, Apricots
  • Tree Nuts – Pistachios, Walnuts
  • Single Serve Tuna in Water – Starkist Reduced Sodium
  • Sunflower Seeds (shelled, dry roasted, unsalted)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (raw or dry roasted unsalted)
  • Individual cups of applesauce
  • 100 Calories Bags of Kettle Corn Popcorn
  • Individual snacks from (use offer code
  • Korean-Style Popcorn
  • Beef Jerky
  • Diet Cocoa
  • Tea Bags

What are some of your favorite snacks to stash in case of need?

6 thoughts on “My Snack Drawer”

  1. LOL I also have those almond packs I like both the natural and the roasted for the different tastes! And of course I have the little graze packs. I have some other more healthy type items too like coconut, pistachios and such. I like the snacks to contribute some sort of nutrition even if it’s just a little, but I’ll sometimes get things that don’t as well I just don’t have them as often.


  2. Now that I’ve had to google korean-style popcorn…lol.

    My daily rations are an apple, cucumber slices with sea salt, other fruit of some unknown variety dictated by recent grocery shopping, kind bars and vans PB&J snack bars (neither is cheap, but I need the protein boost late morning, and to make sure I’m consistent on iron intake, and, oh yeah, they’re delicious).
    Then my desk draw has emergency rations(aka-how did I forget my lunch on the kitchen counter!? food): dry cereal (vans again, I should buy stock. Lol), baked beans, tuna, chicken and wild rice soup, tea (food for the soul, damn it!), and potentially some variety of nut or seed.


  3. I love Skinny Pop popcorn but I’m not sure if that’s sold everywhere yet. I also love the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate 72% bars. I brake them into four parts and then eat one portion with some peanut butter. I’m also a big fan of smoothies these days with protein powder. It never used to be my thing because I always wanted to consume my calories by actual chewing but lately I’ve really been enjoying them and the protein power makes me feel full. I have even found I like green smoothies. Also love Trader Joe’s dried apples. I shop at Trader Joe’s a lot!


    1. I love Trader Joe’s, too, but it’s almost impossible to park at ours since they opened a celebrity chef bakery in the same parking lot! I love the Ghirardelli chocolate chips because there are 16 chips in a serving, and I eat them one at a time, really enjoying the taste. Makes it last longer for me!


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